Emails Not Sending (Gsuite/gmail, A2 Hosting)

Like the title says, emails aren't sending, whether newsletter, or vendor status updates, etc.
I have an EV SSL from Sectigo, Gsuite email, A2 Hosting, and of course CS Cart Multi Vendor. At first I was getting an error message, but I removed all the "user department email address" "site administrator email address" etc etc from the Settings/Company page in the admin dashboard, and now it seems like emails are sending on the admin dashboard side of things, but the test emails I've sent aren't coming through, even in the spam folder.

Any guidance is appreciated.



Update, still unresolved: Just figured out that because I'm on A2 Swift Web Hosting, I can't use SMTP servers. Not quite sure where to go from here - other hosting package, or use A2's servers maybe...?

Anything? Bump.