Emails Not Being Sent

In version 2.24 I didnt have to set anything for the emails to work.

In the new version, no emails are being sent out at all.

Could anyone tell me what is differnt about how emails are being sent between the two versions?

Do I actually need to set up the smtp? As I mentioned,I didnt do this at all and the mail worked fine…


We use the Via PHP mail in Settings - E-mails and works great

No other settings besides filling the Company email addresses in Settings-Company

Email is all about layers. So you need to peel through the layers to find where your problem is.

The layers are:[list]

[]Settings->Company email addresses

]Settings->Order Statuses (checkboxes for whether to notify customer or various departments)



]If you're using built-in php then it might be a problem with your php.ini configuration - work with your host

[*]If you're using SMTP, you can check the maillogs to see if it's receiving the message



Our Log Email addon can help with some of the diagnostics. At least it will tell you what and who the cart thinks it passed off to whatever mailer subsystem you are using. But we usually find the issues like in the “Settings” above.