Email Snippets


I have been avoiding this for a while but i am at the stage where i need to set up correctly all emails now.

If anyone could point some helps on emails snippets , it sorcery !

The documentation provided is not helpful

Also company name on header in emails is the name of my theme 'EMERALD' (by theme hills ) My company name is correctly input everywhere else , so i don't understand.

I am no a coder , and i don't honestly know how to create myself snippets ??

i want to change

-The content of email (text)

-the font

Where do I change/modify text of what the emails says please ?

How can I have different languages set ?

Thank you very much

It is better to address this question to the theme developers

Hi Ecom

the answer of my theme developer :

'This must be set in a visual editor. Specially separate logo for emails."

but I cant change the logo of email in visual editor, i can only change the logo for the website


E-mail logo can be changed in the Theme editor (The Logos section)

silly me.. I find it now

thank you ecom :mrgreen: