Email Notifications


I am running 2.0.15. I am finding that CS Cart is not notifying me when an order is placed only after an order is completed. Is there a way to force it notify me on placement of an order?

Also I find not matter what settings I use in the panel when client set mail via Cscart the email goes to an old address used to install Cscart - how or where can this be changed?

Orders->Order Statuses - Completed


Check whether the Notify orders department check box is enabled for the desired order status on the [COLOR=#0000ff]Order statuses[/COLOR] page. It should be enabled in order to send the notifications to the store administrator.

[URL]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Still no matter what I set I can not get mails from the contact form to route to the correct email address. To simplify matters I have set email addresses in the panel to one address and this still doest resolve the issue.