Email Message on Orders

Is there any way to receive an email notification when an order has been placed through CS Cart?

Click on the Orders Tab, then click on the Order statuses.

There are two boxes you can check to have cs-cart send the notification.

Notify Customer


Notify Orders Department

Check both boxes and you’ll get the emails.

Make sure you have the emails defined within Administration, settings, company.

Thanks for the reply. I do not see a Notify Sales Department button.

Forgot to include:

After you click on the Order statuses link, then you see all your different statuses.

If you click on one of them, then you should see the two blocks I referred to.

Which version of cs-cart are you using?

It’s the “Orders department”…

I’m not getting it. Do I go to Order Statuses or should I see something called Orders Department, which I don’t see. In Order Statuses I havd several status set up, including Open. If I can set up an email notification I assume that I would somehow tie to an Open order, but I cannot see where to click on a status or set an email notification of any kind, other than to a customer.

Order statuses for both the Open and Processed statuses.

You will see a checkbox for each of

Notify customer


Notify orders department

Check the ones you want. Make sure to do this for both statues if you have multiple payment methods like a CC processor and payPal.

That’s the issue: there is only a check box to Notify Customer. No other options.

[quote name=‘masouder’]That’s the issue: there is only a check box to Notify Customer. No other options.[/QUOTE]

Did you define email addresses for the company? You can do so at Admin->Settings->Company