Email Marketing Incompatible With Newsletters

While testing the "Stay connected" box in the footer, I figured I'd see the subscriber listings somewhere in admin. So, I tried to activate the Email Marketing add-on. But I get the message "Add-on "E-mail marketing" is incompatible with the following add-ons: Newsletters. It cannot be enabled". Where/how do I see the subscriber listings? I don't see them in Marketing/Newsletters/Subscribers.

You should see them there if the Newsletters addon is active.

Marketings -> Newsletters -> Subscribers

If you do not see subscribers, most possibly you do not have active mailing lists

There are lots of email marketing tools that provide lots of attractive and compatible Newsletter format along with various other features. Some of them are:

1. Campaign Monitor

2. Constant Contact

3. SendinBlue

4. GetResponse

5. Zoho Campaigns

6. Infusionsoft

7. Campaigner

8. MailChimp