Email Invoice


When you make a order on a site, CS-Cart default send two mails, with the same template: design/themes/responsive/mail/templates/orders/invoice.tpl

I want to send a the default template, and a custom tpl at the same time. :

{assign var="order_header" value=__("invoice2")}
{if $status_settings.appearance_type == "I" && $order_info.doc_ids[$status_settings.appearance_type]}
{assign var="doc_id_text" value="{__("invoice2")} #`$order_info.doc_ids[$status_settings.appearance_type]`"}
{elseif $status_settings.appearance_type == "C" && $order_info.doc_ids[$status_settings.appearance_type]}
{assign var="doc_id_text" value="{__("credit_memo")} #`$order_info.doc_ids[$status_settings.appearance_type]`"}
{assign var="order_header" value=__("credit_memo")}
{elseif $status_settings.appearance_type == "O"}
{assign var="order_header" value=__("order_details")}


I look at design/themes/responsive/mail/templates/orders/order_notification.tpl, i tried to make a new invoice :

{assign var="order_header" value=__("invoice2")}

Some help , please.

I found this: Where Does Vendor Invoice Order Notification Come From? - Multi-Vendor Edition - CS-Cart Community Forums

I tried to change the second order-notificantion, and it doesnt work