Email Confirmation Not Readable For I-phone


A friend of mine received an Email confirmation from my cs-cart site on her I-Phone.

It is not readable. I have an image attached.

I assume it is the formatting, logo, used in the default template.

How do I get around this?

I assume if I convert to a straight text format for confirmation emails, then it would be readable on mobile devices.

What is everyone else doing about this.

Since I do not have a “smart phone”, I can’t test this myself.




[QUOTE]What is everyone else doing about this.[/QUOTE]

Personally, I just explain to them that they need to use a real computer with a real monitor which fixes the problem! :smiley:

But then again, I don’t even know how to Tweet, just can’t see the logical benefit behind it all!

Is a Tweet a Yellow Canary?


[QUOTE]Is a Tweet a Yellow Canary?


Bob, all I know for certain it that birds don’t have money, so I ain’t Tweetin till they do! :wink:

My guess would be the security settings on the phone. I.e. the email “might” contain references to external resources. But I understood that CSC email had all imagery and css embedded.