Email Address Issue in Orders

After upgrading to v4.16.1, customers’ email address is showing up as when they place an order. A string of

However, if a customer registers, their email address show up normal. Any idea what that could be and how to fix?

The customer did not enter an email address when placing an order. Make sure the email address is required.


This is a well-known issue

Go to phpMyAdmin, find the cscart_profile_fields table. There will be 3 profile fields with the email name. You should correct name to b_email for email from the Billing address section and s_email for email from the Shipping address section.

As alternative, contact support team

Thanks thetool. I did check the field to make sure it was required and it was already required.

Thanks also ecomlabs. Those fields did need to be changed to b_email and s_email. After editing those field names in phpMyAdmin, the correct email shows up. That fixed it in my test order. :slight_smile:

Thank you both for the help! Very appreciated.

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Interesting. I do recall that being an issue in the past but why is it showing up in latest update.?

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