Elfinder Unable To Connect To Backend

Hello Everyone

I'm having an issue with the elfinder not able to connect to backend, I have 2 stores running on this server with CS Cart 4.3.8 , one have no issue and the other does. I'm not able to browse or upload images on the server through the file browser, i keep getting unable to connect to backend. I don't see anything in the error logs regarding this, I checked all files permissions and they look OK, I deleted var/cache and still same problem. I'm hoping someone can help with this.

Thank you



If you are using apache may be something issue with mod_security rule so that you face this problem.You need to contact your host to fix it.

but I have 2 stores on the same server with the same resources and same software , apache, php etc.. , I'm only having issue with one store.


I got it solved ,

The file elf_connector.php was present in app/controllers/backend and in app/controllers/common , I removed the one in backend and everything is working OK now.

Thank you for the solution, I had the same problem and with the removal of one elf_connector.php it works!

I am digging down to this and I want to ask if there is another solution..

I run 4.3.3 and the file editor cannot load because it cannot connect with backend. That's the message I see.

I searched for the elf_connector.php file in backend and common controllers but it was present only in app/controllers/common.

I deleted it also from common but the problem still exists.

I run cs cart both local and online and I get the same error in both installations.