Elements with non unique id (Checkout)

Hi guys,

i have another issue in my MV edition during the checkout process.
I have a field called adress and a field called zip code. The thing is, it is displayed twice on the checkout page. once for the customer data and once for shipping. however, the field is the same (with the same id).

If the customer fills in the first one, and leaves the second one empty, then no data is transferred to cs cart. Because the second one is the last one in the DOM. The check that it must be filled in does not show either, because the first one is filled in (same DOM id).

How can you fix this error please???
And how can this be an error?! How is this even possible???

I think it is a topic for @energothemes :thinking:
I created a ticket

The first section should contain data from the Contact information. Looks like you added shipping address there

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