Elance: Web Ninja - Decimal Quantity Module

A few months ago we hired Jan (Web Ninja on ELance) to do some custom modules on the RC version of cs-cart, she created a decimal quantity module and a fastway shipping module, the work was excellent however as soon as we upgraded to the official CS-cart version both items will not work. I have tried for the last 2 weeks to get onto her but she isn't replying to her elance messages.

I was wondering if:

  1. Anyone knows how I can contact her, she specifies in cs-cart mods so I would assume others have used her.
  2. Be able to help me (at a price of course) to get these running again. Before I upgraded I downloaded a full backup of the root folder so I have copies of the code.

    MODS: If this is in the wrong forum, please move, I wasn't sure where was best.


We also hired Jan on Elance because of good reviews. Jan came across as polite and knowledgable, told us a first milestone would be shown after a month. After a month waiting and some communication about functions there would not be any response whatsoever. After wasting a lot more time trying to get back in touch, we spent time cancelling the project and getting the money refunded. Then we were contacted by Jan's friend Alex who would take over the project. Reassigned the project to him, same story with Alex - no reply at time of the first deadline. Again spent time canceling the project and getting the money refunded. Then Jan returned, appeared helpful and was surprised that Alex didn't finish the work. He wanted to fix it, only to disappear again when project was reassigned. All fees were refunded thanks to Escrow, but we wasted months of our time. If you found a more lucrative job, at least have the decency to let your client know.