Edp Products Broken

Is it just me, or is almost everything related to EDP products broken in current versions? Granted, I have a lot of customizations on my site related to external integration of orders, but all of this used to work just fine. I've even (to be sure) restored all of the app/controllers/backend and design/backend/template files from the distributed 4.4.2 files and still have the problems below.

I find that:

1) EDP product still wants shipping to be defined or orders fail. Have to create a free shipping method or get failure. This seemed to happen in early 4.3.x releases and is still broken.

2) EDP activation can't be set when mode is 'Manual' versus immediate. The activate_files selectboxes are never posted to the controller for processing. Order status is Completed.

3) Email notification of activation no longer occurs (even when the activation was able to be set). This one's been broken for several releases but I just noticed #2 when I tried to debug this issue. Note that the activation is being set when the order is in a non-standard cs-cart status. But can't see how that should matter.

And of course, there are no EDP products in the cs-cart demo so I can't demonstrate that it fails in cs-cart demo.

Anyone else experience this? Or am I alone in this one.