Editing .tpl Files And Cache Refresh

I am doing some simple hooks and some more advanced ones for a customer. (CS-Cart 2.1.4) I have 2 websites (production site and test site)…the two environments are not exactly the same, sadly

If I edit anything in a TPL file in the test environment, I simply save+upload on FTP and the edits are immediately visible on test website…

If I do the same edits on production environment, then save+upload on FTP, nothing changes on the storefront…

I understand it has probably something to do with template caching, and i should run mysite.com/admin.php?cc

The problem is I am the new webmaster, the old one left suddenly last month, I don’t know what he has left exactly and I am afraid of refreshing production cache and “destroying” everything… what if he has made some changes on the template and never refreshed cache???

Any suggestion on how to see my edits to those damned .tpl files???


You can create a bk of production website and after that clear cache ;) and see what is happening

You can also create a new test environment with production files, in this way test=production and start developing on the new test environment

I hope that helps,


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thanks, that's exactly what I was plannig to do next…

bk—>empty cache—>revert to bk if needed

and i will sync production site to test site so I can develop on test and the deploy to production

Solved. :grin:

We first did a “clone” of production Virtual Machine. Refreshed cache on the clone and noticed that everything worked as expected except a minor flaw on a couple of icons.

Then, just to be 100% sure, we made a snapshot of the Production VM (just in case something went wrong). Then refreshed cache on production server and experiend no issues. After that snapshot has been deleted…