Editing The Appearance Of The Customer Order Details Page

Hello everyone!

I was wondering where you go to edit the customer side order details page. Specifically, the way in which cs-cart formats and displays the billing and shipping address entered by the user. The way this is presented currently is confusing.

I have used the document editor to create a format i like for invoices etc but cannot find where to do this on the customers order details page at eg. ../index.php?dispatch=orders.details&order_id=xx

The CS-Cart team suggested your_cscart_directory/design/backend/templates/views/orders/details.tpl via my_changes but i cannot see the billing and shipping info there?

I have attached images for clarification. current.jpg is how this info is presented currently. new look.jpg is how i would like the billing and shipping address to appear.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you!


new look.jpg


In file /themes/responsive/templates/views/orders/details.tpl have section:

            {* Customer info *}
{include file="views/profiles/components/profiles_info.tpl" user_data=$order_info location="I"}
{* /Customer info *}

In file views/profiles/components/profiles_info.tpl you should modification data

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