Editing Shipping Method: What Overrides What?

In multi-Vendor, when my vendors Edit shipping methods:


Let’s say that for locations I (as Root Admin) have set up ‘Europe’ (and selected all countries, including ‘Germany’), and ‘Germany’ (for local German Vendors to set a special price).

Now, a German Vendor would like to

  • Offer flat rate shipping for ‘Default location (all countries)’ at USD 10 - AND
  • Offer flat rate shipping for ‘European Union’ at USD 5 - AND
  • Offer free shipping in all ‘Germany’

    So, he is setting up ‘Default location (all countries)’, ‘European Union’, and ‘Germany’. But 'Germany is part of all 3 options?!

    Now a customer from Germany buys something, how does CS Cart work? Will it prioritize ‘Default location (all countries)’, ‘European Union’, or ‘Germany’ for the buyer?

    I have tried, but cannot find heads and tale in this. And strangely no documentation on this obvious paradox?! Am I daft?

    Thank you,


Hi, I don't use Multi Vendor but guess same principals will apply.

I would set up 3 locations as follows…

  • Germany THEN
  • EU Countries without Germany THEN
  • Rest of world without Germany or EU Countries.

    We don't use default location!

    Hope this helps