Editing products: Add Secondary-Category

Have 122 products in a single category

Wish to add a secondary cat. for all of them:

  • In SELECT FIELDS TO EDIT: Secondary categories ticked (this one only)

    After clicking MODIFY SELECTED I get the error message:

[QUOTE]Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16 bytes) in /home/www/xxxxx/web/shop/core/fn.database.php on line 467[/QUOTE]

How can I increase memory size?

Or what else?


In config.local.php:

// Set maximum memory limit
@ini_set('memory_limit', '[COLOR="Blue"]48[/COLOR]M');

Value increased to 128: still the same.

What makes the limit to the value? Any risk increasing it too much?


Depends on your host. I ended up going up to 256 to get the errors to quit popping up.

Tried up to 512.

no luck so far.

Some hosts limit to 16M or 32M. Ask them first.

Also, I would try to add [COLOR=“Red”]@ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ‘48M’);[/COLOR] in the begining of your core/fn.database.php

Maybe they have reduced the resource issues in 2.0.10? May need to update?

Thanks Noman, so far so good.

I cornered my self into a deadend:

“Editing products”, I changed products “Main catergory” for one located in a “Subcategory” of the original one.

This worked fine.


MainCat → Subcat

“Products” used to be located in “Maincat”

After editing:

“Products” are now in “Subcat”

“Subcat” is the main category for these products

I found out “products” are automaticaly also present located in “MainCat”.

“MainCat” being now an “additional category” for my “Products”


Probably very basic question, unable to solve it:

How do now we remove “Products” out of “Maincat”? (without deleting the “Products” themselves.

Or more generaly speaking, how can we remove one “product” out of a “additional category”?

If your site uses a php.ini file, you must change the memory value in it.