Editing Product Tab Content

Hi All,

We have recently upgraded to 4.3.6 and i am struggling to work out how to edit the content for product tabs. We have product 'overview' and 'specifications' set up as product tabs and when i click on block settings for either to add the content i only have the option of using HTML in the content box, there are no text/table editing buttons which makes it very hard to format the content.

On our old CS Cart version the overview and specifications tabs were contained in blocks and we had the same text editing features as for the main product description.

The attached screenshot shows what i see when trying to add the block content:

Please help!


Block content.jpg

Looks like you use HTML block with SMARTY support instead of simple HTML block. With the second variant you should see the WYSIWYG editor:


Thanks for your quick reply, i will ask our developer to alter this.