Editing Orders and Inventory

I have a problem with the inventory in my store back end not showing correct figures compared to whats actually in stock. The reason is that every time I edit an order, whether it's adding another phone number for a customer or adding or removing a product from their order, it takes off the item already in the order again from the inventory. How can I stop this from happening?

You sure? I thought the inventory actions only occurred on status change. Now if you're changing the status from say “Processed” to “Backordered” and then in admin changing it to “Processed” again, then if “Backordered” isn't set to “add inventory” then it will be “deducted” twice. Double check all your status settings for how inventory is handled.


Thanks for the reply,

Yes I'm sure that this is what messes up the inventory. The order status's are set correctly. My inventory is a mess though.