Editing my site

www.fastgainer.net in the left i want to edit About our company and remove the links : Affiliate Policy, What is E-Store?, Links. how can i do that ?

i also have another question in the frontpage it sais Welcome to www.fastgainer.net how do i change the colour of that text ?

Thank you in advance

Under Admin > CMS > Manage Topics you will see the “Links” topic…you can delete it OR under Avail. choose “No”.

Under Admin > CMS > Manage Pages you will find the links for Affiliate Policy,

What is E-Store? etc. there you can either choose to delete OR under Avail. choose “No”.

For the Welcome text in your styles.css under “welcome-title”:

[QUOTE].welcome-title {

[COLOR=“DarkRed”]color: #6e7c81;[/COLOR]

font: bold 12px tahoma, arial, verdana, sans-serif;

text-transform: uppercase;

background: #f3f4f6 url(‘images/welcome_title_bg.gif’) repeat-x left top;

padding: 10px 0px 10px 0px;


Change to whatever color you would like.

I have figured this out, please delete this forum reply.

[quote name=‘Jesse-Lee Stringer’]

I won’t be deleting this reply until you take the time to explain what you needed and how you did it.[/quote]