Editing layout -> Checkout Question? Profile fields

Editing layout → Checkout Question?

in the checkout layout we have the following blocks:

  1. Customer sign-in with Template: Customer Sign-In (no questions about this one)

  2. Customer Information with Template: Customer information

Company (not required) (ID profile field #8)
Phone (required) (ID profile field #9)

  1. Address with Template: Customer address

Firstname (required) (ID profile field #15) (not shown on the website ???)
Lastname (required) (ID profile field #17)
Address (required) (ID profile field #19)
Housenumber (required) (ID profile field #21)
Zipcode (required) (ID profile field #29)
E-Mail (not required) (ID profile field #33)

  1. Location with Template: Location

City (required) (ID profile field #23)
Country (required) (ID profile field #27)

Where can I find a demo site with the correct checkout settings?