Editing An Order Changes Product Options Irreversibly

This morning a client placed an order and as he wished to use a different shipping address, I edited his order because he wanted a different shipping address .

When editing his address, the order itself changed too, among which 3 products that are freebies (a package insert, a free sample and a free gift) and sprang back to the default first option : nothing.

None of these could be re-selected properly!

Those 3 products are all freebies where the default first option is 'nothing' .

When creating the freebies as a promotion I have made sure to allow 'all options', so that could not be the problem, can it?

To see whether it also happens with other regular products with options and those were just fine.

It is only the freebies that get defaulted back to the first option once I open the order and click on 'edit order'.

Before I had a problem because they were in a 'disabled' category, but since I've only made them 'hidden' and even showing them in a category that is visible for everyone, that was not the issue.

So it must be something else.. this is extremely annoying as I frequently need to edit something in an order and do not want to see unwanted spontaneous changes that can't be reversed.

Why does it happen and is there some way to prevent it.. and above all, how to edit it to the correct selection as I also have quite a few customers that don't know they need to hit 'recalculate' in ordr to make their choices 'stick', so I want to go in and make the changes in their preferred freebies.


(working with version 4.3.3)


If I can recall, I think something similar was posted in the bug tracker.?

Edit: http://forum.cs-cart.com/tracker/issue-5258-major-issue-with-edit-orders/?gopid=19882#entry19882

Thank you: that is reported almost exactly a year ago!

The same thing does not seem to happen with products that are paid for, they stay the same: only the free items get butchered.
We frequently edit orders so as to tidy addresses a bit as well as allow customers to receive more (sometimes less) reward points when they have been moved to a different user group, but don't want the options messed with.

For now, as to prevent other errors, we did away with as many products that have options as we could, but it remains a big PITA especially for the free items as we only allow 1 option and not several.


The issue was fixed, fix will be included into the next version of CS-Cart, v 4.3.5.

Thanks for the report!