edit the mega menu

I am looking in to jazzing up the mega menu and am a novice. I have seen a few online tuts and wonder if anyone had any tips or “.css for dummy” guides to help me, this one looks good but I am unsure if css3 is suitable for cs cart


any advice appreciated



I recently tried to create a template using HTML5/CSS3 with CS-Cart and found there was just too much work involved to alter templates and addon templates to make it fully CSS3 compatible, especially considering the changes would have to be re-done every upgrade for addons. Too many influencing factors made me look back into XHTML/CSS.

In saying that, even the Basic template uses CSS3 for the mega menu. Here's a good starting place for styling mega menus - http://www.tripwirem…navigation.html. I used this guide a long time ago using Interspire cart and changed the styling a bit, which worked out well and was relatively simple to implement.

Thanks,will check them out too