Edit Order Leaves Inventory Incorrect !?!? V4.3.6

Already reported to bug tracker, but hoping a few people can test this to verify...


v 4.3.6

Enable Inventory Tracking = YES (checked)

Allow Negative Amount in Inventory = NO (not checked)

Product has no options

Product Inventory is set to "Track without options"

Create (use) an order (call it order #99) with the sale of (1) "widget".

Set inventory "Qty" of the widget to "0" so the widget is now "out of stock" and save.

Click on Order # 99 so show the order detail. Select "edit order" and change the quantity in the order from (1) to (2) then hit save. It will display 2 warnings and then saved ok.

WarningThe number of products in the inventory is not enough for your order

WarningLow inventory of "Widget #XXX"

Congratulations!Order has been saved successfully.

Check the inventory of "widget". It will now be (1) instead of (0) or (-1)

This is a big problem for anyone who edits orders as it creates phantom inventory.

Please let me know if you see the same behavior. Thank you.

Looks like a bug. Please post it to the bug tracker

Already posted.


please confirm it there.