Edit Order and Apply Discount

I’ve discovered that a few customers have problems APPLYING a promo or GC code. The problem is that the submit arrow next to the field in v3 is not intuitive enough to imply that it needs to be clicked to apply the promotional code. The customer inputs the code into the field and continues checkout - code is not applied.

Today a customer contacts me and asks me to apply a 5% discount I offer on re-orders. His order is already paid in full. I tell him that I will issue a refund for the overpayment and edit his order.

Editing the order:

Orders > View Orders > Edit Order

Choose Products (no change) > Proceed to Next Step

Choose Customer (no change) > Proceed to Next Step

On this page, there is no input field for a promo code, so I have to tick the “Order discount” box under the Subtotal and manually enter a dollar value equal to 5% > click Recalculate and discount is applied > Proceed to Next Step

I do not need to Process the Payment, and do not have the payment info, so I click Save.

On submit, the browser returns to the order, and the changes are not saved.

I was able to work around this by editing the Product Price in the first step of editing the order. The order was saved with the new subtotal and total in the final step by clicking Save.

But there is something wrong with the “Order discount” field when saving a Recalculated / Processed order after editing it.

Massive BUMP to this topic!

CS-Cart V 3.05


This bug is infuriating! Any discount applied manually just does not get saved! Ridiculous.

Editing the product price is a workaround as stated by OP but I'm fed up with workarounds. I don't want to edit product price! I want the discount to be shown as a 'Discount'!



v4 fixes this problem. In fact the entire Edit Order process is streamlined. It certainly is one area where CS-Cart made very noticeable improvements over previous version of the software.

What version of V4 are you - I'm 4.13 and having problems editing orders/order discounts. There seems to be issues if you go back in to the order and add another product/change products - the discounts don't apply automatically and if you try to make a change it doesn't save. Great that the process has been streamlined but would rather it just worked - the annoying thing for me is that when you create an order in admin you can't stop emails being sent.

Not impressed with V4 at all.

I have also found that when an order is edited in V4 is also sends the customer an email when the edited order is saved. This often confuses the customer and I would prefer to be able to choose if an email gets sent or not. Does anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it ?