Edit Menu In Cs-Cart 4.3.1

I have just bought cs-cart 4.3.1 385$

( i’m newbie with cs-cart).

My key

I use defautl template for my website, i have problem with it.

I don’t know how to fix it.

And how to add background for each category like this

Thank all so much.

anyone help me :(


please provide your site URL so we could advise on issue #1

as for background images for menu, custom modification is needed so please check for ready solutions here

best regards,

WSA team

Thank your reply.

This is my site


To fix it, i moved it to 2nd (“Thuốc bổ từ thiên nhiên”).

We are at your service if you still need the ability to add background images

Could you please give me idea to do menu like this site


such as:

step 1: learn created css in cs-cart

setp 2: learn created add ons

To do that menu.

i don't know how to start