Edit in visual HTML editor - Not working

In version 2.1.1, when trying to edit a product, the link for “Edit in visual HTML editor” does not bring up the box for the wysiwyg editor.

I have 2 websites running this version and neither of them works.

I also have another site that I upgraded to 2…1.1 but then reverted back to 2.0.15. The 2.0.15 site now does the same thing. It will not bring up the box for the wysiwyg editor.

Any one else have this problem and know how to fix it?

I have other sites using 2.0.15 and they all work fine.

I have one site using 2.1.1 and the editor box comes up fine. ??

All sites are on the same server.


Manually deleting the cache does not fix it.

[quote name=‘TBOTECH’]… “Edit in visual HTML editor” does not bring up the box for the wysiwyg editor.[/quote]

CS-Cart doesn’t have an WYSIWYG editor…

Within Admin,

Click on the Catalog tab,

then the Products link,

then click on any product you have.

There is a box for full description.

Underneath that box is a link

“Edit in visual HTML editor”

Not sure what you call it, but that link with the anchor text of “Edit in visual HTML editor” is supposed to bring up a box that you can edit your description in.

That pop up box is not working and is what I am referring to.

There is a Javascript error in the /lib/tinymce/tiny_mce_init.js file

‘defined_company_id: defined_company_id’

Error: ‘Defined_Company_id id not defined’

Unfortunately my Javascript knowlege is nonexistent but hopefully this will point someone in the right direction…

Still haven’t been able to fix this. Has anyone else ran into this and found a solution?

I had this problem in v2.1.2 so i uploaded a copy of the /lib/tinymce/tiny_mce_init.js file from v2.1.1 and it fixed the problem.

I have attached a copy of the file from 2.1.1


I replaced the file and cleared cache. This did not fix the problem.

[quote name=‘TBOTECH’]I replaced the file and cleared cache. This did not fix the problem.[/quote]

It might be a local problem with your browser.

I have Firefox, IE, and I even downloaded Chrome for the first time to check if that was it, but it is not.

It’s so strange because I have same versions of CS-Cart on same server but this problem persists on some installations but not others.

What does the error console in ff say?

I still haven’t found an answer for this. Maybe the new version coming out soon will fix it.



I got a fix for this. You have to make sure the permissions are set to 755 for all files and subdirectories within the “lib/tinymce” directory.

And make sure that when you set the permissions it recurses down through everything (all files).

I can’t seem to get the WYSIWYG editor to work with IE9. Even the latest demo on the CS-Cart site doesn’t work properly. The WYSIWYG editor comes up when I click the “edit in visual editor” link under the full description, but I can’t make any changes to the text. Anyone else seeing this?