Edit Css On Menu For Only One Menu.item

Hi! i have a liitle problem. Here is my menu at the moment

(que16,que17,que18) and the problem is at que18.

if i add the above line

style="right: 0px; min-width: 400px;" in the element.style it becomes how i want it (que19). but i dont know how to edit only that seperate option in my menu.. what can i do? thank in advance ! :)





any ideas why is this happening? cannot find any solution...

You can change menu type from categories to custom menu. In this case, you can specify unique CSS class to each top menu item:


found the solution and posting it for others who might have the same problem.. first made the custom css like the print screen that eComLabs posted


and then added the css

.ty-menu-item_get_inspired ul.ty-menu__submenu-items {