edit check out page

does anyone know how to change the background color of the box on check out for people to register

Step 1. on contact info in Cs cart 1.3.5

the background is back and I want to change it… I can’t find where to do it

Please post in the appropriate place. This area is clearly labelled as version 2.

well excuse me!.. they took the 1.35 down


Sorry if you are offended but we have more than enough 2.x-related posts without having to wade through questions on old versions. Many who have moved on do not even have 1.x installed any more. This is also the reason that they added the version structure to the forum: there is a link at the near the bottom - “Version 1.x”.


thanks… posted it there. i guess delete this then

i would have moved on but i can’t take that risk .