Edit address verification settings?

Is there a way to adjust the settings used when verifying a customer's address for SHIPPING purposes, to make sure it is valid? I'm having a problem with the way CS-Cart verifies addresses to obtain FedEx real-time rates. Problem is, a lot of customers aren't entering in their shipping address correctly and orders are being held up in the cart. Does anybody know if FedEx checks the entire address when verifying an order or just the country, state/providence and zip/postal code? I know that is all it needs to give rates in the cart before checking out.

Sometimes my customers will write street when it's really a road or misspell a street name. My orders aren't going through and I'm trying to see how I can prevent that. I'd rather a customer just for an order and let me corrupt the address later, when I go to fedex.com to generate a shipping label. If FedEx lets me know at fedex.com that the address is bad, I'll contact the customer. At the very least, if the postal code and area is correct, the rates will reflect that.

This is really an issue with international addressees which aren't like standard U.S. mailing addresses. Sometimes with international addresses, their street addresses doesn't a house number or the house number is instead put on address line two. This throws FedEx way off! I know billing has to match for credit card purposes, but is this the same problem or another?

My question is, can change my address verification settings? Also, can I apply it to certain things like address checks specifically?

To put this simply does anybody know what FedEx looks for in your cart to supply rates and what it looks for during checkout? Basically, if I add an item to my cart and go to my cart, I click GET rates. Give a minimum of my state, my country and my zip code. FedEx comes back with real times rates based upon that LITTLE information. If I go to checkout and give my full billing address, all of a sudden FedEx is looking at my street and if it does not verify “252 Apple Lane”, it saids an error message. How can I change the checkout settings to be like the cart settings, so FedEx simply gives rates based upon country, state and postal code and that's it! Nothing else! It never verifies addresses! If address is bad, I will contact the customer. I just need the order to go through.