Ecommerce Connector for CS-Cart 1.3.5 and Quickbooks Released


It may well be a great product but trial period is way too short (15 days). Inventory module, which I must say was the main reason I started evaluating this product, is well… here is the response that I got after it stopped working:

“In trail version the inventory module is restricted. You can only use inventory module 10 times for creating and synchronization of items. If you wish to further test the inventory module you can request another trail from different machine.”

Needless to say I don’t have another machine nor I have time to configure that again. It took me a few days to configure it correctly, and I dint even have a chance to see it in action. I asked for a refund policy and was referred to this page [url]The Modern Commerce Workspace | Webgility (no refund). I just wish I had at least 15 days to test out their inventory module.

Just thought I should share

Webgility offers a limited trial of the Inventory module in order to prevent misuse. We’ve had instances in the past where prospects would utilize the inventory module during the trial period to upload and sync-up products without purchasing a license.

The Free trial has the following limitations:

  1. Limited to 15 days from installation date
  2. Inventory sync module works for up to 10 item syncs/creates
  3. Scheduler is disabled
  4. Can process up to 100 orders

    We do provide 1-time trial extensions on an as-needed basis.