Ebay Synch For Mve

I just purchased the Ebay Synch addon. I installed it through the admin panel. It does not appear to work. I created some templates. I see an Ebay column under the product listings, but there is no ebay feature. I'm guessing that I may be doing something wrong. I am using MVE 4.7.1. I do have the Master Database mod (shared) and the EBay config is 4.1 I believe. When I hover over the ebay templates, no gear icon shows. When I go to product/features there is no ebay feature.

One other question I have is: how does this addon work with MVE? Can vendors upload their products to Ebay or does the marketplace upload everyones products? Seems kind of crazy if it doesn't function individually for each vendor. The documentation is sparse and a lot of it is not up to date. The CS-Cart youtube video on how to configure it, states that you have to enter your license for it to function - there is no license field or tab.




Did you get this sorted?