eBay Sync addon SQL Error

Hi Team,

I’ve previously had some minor issues getting the eBay addon to properly sync with my Cs Cart store, however that’s not really the issue at hand here.

Effectively, in an attempt to fix the sync issues, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the addon a number of times, eventually resulting in the following error:

An error in an SQL query occurred during the add-on installation. The add-on will not be installed.
Duplicate column name ‘ebay_template_id’ (1060): `

ALTER TABLE cscart_productsADDebay_template_idint(11) * *unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', ADDproduct_hash varchar(255) not null * *default ''; `

I’ve tried clearing cache and optimizing the database in the Backup/Restore page with no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Remove the field “ebay_template_id” in table “cscart_products”.

Apparently it was not removed during the uninstall.

So I don’t have a great deal of access to the actual core files of the website, they’re hosted on a server run by the company that has created our website for us. Basically only what’s available in the “templates” section.

I know that I can do an export of this table under “Backup/Restore” and then edit it through MySQL Workbench. Would this create issues if I then upload the file that I’ve edited under the same Backup/Restore section? Assuming that all that I’ve done was delete the “ebay_template_id” field in this one table?

I’ve never used the Backup/Restore within the admin panel but I suppose it would work. I edit the database directly on the server.