eBay/Online Downloads questions

Hi everyone, I am totally new here so go easy on me.

I did some searches on the forums but couldn’t come up with answers here.

I had a couple questions-

One, is there any way to secure downloadable purchases- so that once someone has the link they do not share it with everyone else? Or require them to log in? I’ve gone through the process, maybe I’m not sure about its intricacies.


We are going to sell downloadable goods only.

Now, some of them we want to sell on eBay, and then have them be able to download the file (from a non-static URL of course) just like they had placed a regular order on our site.

How could this be done? I think you can have people complete eBay transactions on your webpage, but it isn’t as attractive as being able to pay straight through eBay/Paypal.

Thanks everyone,

btw, I had permissions nightmares, thanks so much to everyone on

this thread


especially wwgreen, I didn’t understand any of the other posts, but that worked.