Ebay integration

Any chances integrate a Ebay system & administration ?

… like a x module.

Also think ebay are important market at today.


just curious does anyone use ebay or anyone has module which uses integrated with ebay?


This would be nice. Sometimes we use ebay to move dead inventory, and doing that directly from CS would be nice.

that’d be a VERY cool module!

I would love this option, as i mentioned before!

-Are there any plans for this already? If not,

-Are there any people here with stores that already work with eBay as well?

If so, i wouldnt mind making such a mod. The only thing is: i have NO idea where to start,

(i dont use it (yet)) so i would need someone that will tell me how it has to work exactly.

Or is everythjing also possible by simply creating a csv according to certain specs?

Any thoughts appreciated!

Export to CSV then import via Turbo Lister is the safest bet.

Grab turbo lister 2, install and export the sample database, should be enough to get you started NWSCO, let me know if you need any help.

We use ebay routinely

thanks jesse! much appreciated: i’ll give it a go m8!

use eBay all the time. some sort of bridge between the two would be very useful.

Has anyone been able to create something that allows us to at least import ebay orders in to CS? This would be a very nice addition.

I need this ebay integration badly!

Same here!

Since there were no post for a year plus, I’m guessing no one is working on this?