eBay integration ideas

Store def needs an eBay integration options. I have seen some 3rd party ones, but not all that impressed. Here are a few of my ideas:

  1. Have an option to list an item differently no eBay than you have it listed on your store.

    On my store, I sell video games. I have them separated by catagories. So say if you go to the section for original Nintendo games. I have a game named Double Dragon. Well, you are in the Nintendo section, so you know which system it is for, so therefore I just have it listed as Double Dragon. The 3rd party apps I have seen, will just name it whatever you have it named in the store. There should be an option to list differently on eBay. Like “Double Dragon for original Nintendo NES”. If someone gets on eBay, and just searches for Double Dragon, you are are going to find the game for several different systems.

  2. Have a cronjob

    Have an option to automatically go out and see if your items have sold on eBay say every 6 hours or so, and that way you can have it automatically decrease the quantity on the site, or remove it from the site once it has been sold.

    As it is, its too time consuming to list something on the site, play the wait and see if it has been sold game, manually go to your site and take down the ones that have sold etc. We need an all in one solution.