Ebay Addon - Change Description From Site To Ebay?

Is there a way to change the description for eBay import items vs items on my actual site? I sell video games. Game named “Ice Hockey”. Well, when I import it to eBay, it just lists it as “Ice Hockey”. Thats not helpful, as it tells nothing about what system it is for etc. I want to be able to make it look like “Ice Hockey for Original Nintendo NES” But obviously, I do not want it listed on my site like that, as you would already know its for NES since you searched/browsed to it.

Also, is there a way to force it to use the 2nd picture that is on my site, instead of the default?


Thank you for the messages.

Unfortunately, there is no way to set a different name for a product to be shown on eBay in the eBay Synchronization add-on. As well as no ability to use a different product image.

Some code modifications are required to implement these features.

Actually I did find a way to do a different description. Once you click an product in the products section, click addon's, and there is an eBay box that pops up to allow you to change the description and title of the item for ebay only. Though, this does not work in the mass item editor (which I wish it did, as it would take weeks to go through each item, item by item to change). I have created a ticket for the image issue to be modified.

Here is how you can change the description for eBay only. Just can't edit it doing a mass edit (please add!)

Yes we'd be needing to bulk edit the ebay descriptions also.