Ebay Add-On For Cs-Cart

Is the push to ebay module functional? It seems the thread here ends with reports of problems and the links to demo do not work. I assume that it did not get off the ground. If the project is still alive please lmk when it will be ready. We definitely want it if it works.

Is anybody using it successfully?

All the bugs we that were reported concerning ebay functionality were fixed.

So yes, it works fine.

which is the latest version of this mod? i have 2.0 available in my file area. but its from may 2014. can u please confirm which one is the latest release?

I as of yet been able to get the ebay addon to import items back from ebay. They asked for instructions on how I am trying to do this, and they even explained TO ME the exact method that I did. When I told them this is the way I did it, many days later I get a reply telling me they do not understand the way I did it. Its starting to seem they are just pushing the ebay addon to the back burner and not trying to get it fixed.

They profit not from the addon but from replying poorly described product. You ask questions they get you charged credits. For example you will not find info that if you main site currency is not $ there is no way to upload to ebay.com. I just saved someone 10-15credits.

Thanks you very much. I have some error of this addon. Now i have fixed it when i read this topic.

Yeah I have had to fight with them multiple times with the credits issue. Like getting charged credits for bug's in their software etc that they fixed.

We are working on Ebay add-on improvements: please refer to this post: http://forum.cs-cart.com/topic/19738-ebay-integration/?view=findpost&p=228479