Ebay Add On - Can You Set A Different Price Than In Store?

Can you set a different price on items on eBay that are different than in your store? I want to offer free shipping on eBay, which I do not offer in the store, so I will have to raise the prices to a different level.

You would have to change the price manually on ebay after it has been listed.

Well thats annoying. This should be an option put in. I charge shipping on the site, but not on eBay. Your fees are cheaper and automatically get 5 star rating if you offer free shipping. If I had to go back and manually edit each one, I may as well just list them all by hand, will take about the same amount of time.


We've created a separate category for the eBay Sync add-on on our UserVoice: [url=“https://cscart.uservoice.com/forums/242873-ebay-synchronization-add-on”]https://cscart.uservoice.com/forums/242873-ebay-synchronization-add-on[/url]

I have reposted this idea there already: [url=“https://cscart.uservoice.com/forums/242873-ebay-synchronization-add-on/suggestions/5570620-set-a-different-price-than-in-store”]https://cscart.uservoice.com/forums/242873-ebay-synchronization-add-on/suggestions/5570620-set-a-different-price-than-in-store[/url]

Feel free to discuss and support this idea and post new ones!

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