Easy way to update quantity for options?

I can’t seem to find an easy way to update quantities easily for products with options other than tediously going to each item, the to options. If you import via product code, it adds them as individual products and does not recognize that you have those codes assigned to products with options.

We have a separate inventory program and would like to be able to just upload the inventory to keep up to date as we sell outside of cscart as well. Any ideas? Thanks!

Im encountering the same issue. Was an approach to do this ever found?

Are you talking about importing say, Shirt small (12) shirt med(20) etc etc

I had a CSC do me a mod that imports price option modifiers.

like this shirt small(20) shirt medium(+25)

Maybe someone could have a look at it and see if it could be changed to suit your situation??


I think that may be what I am looking for. Where can I find the code files to take a look?