Easy to upgrade to professional ??

Im considering to install and use the Community version on a live site, mainly to test it out and learn a new ecommerce software.

My question is:

What is the procedure to upgrade from Community to Professional?

I have this same question myself. I just installed the Community version too. I’d really like the multiple language support and multiple templates among other features missing. I’m pretty broke this month and would love to build up my inventory over the next month before I feel more financially comfortable upgrading, but would really like to hear whether it’s seamless or a complete re-do!

Anyone done the upgrade from free to payed version?

I committed to the full version last month after trying the community version. (Well worth the upgrade by-the-way) Sadly… my database contents got wiped even though I was able to use the same database. So I recommend you try doing an export → install → import in an effort to not lose your current data.

Lucky for me, I copied and pasted all of my shipping and payment codes in one place and had very little product and categories setup. I had a feeling I would be upgrading to the full version after my first day working with the community version. Not because the community version is bad, but because it was so good, and yet I recognized many missing features I knew I would want with the full version.

I don’t know if CS-Cart offers an upgrade system for users who have a customized ‘Community Edition’ store, if not then this might help someone trying to upgrade to the professional version. The upgrade can be done manually without losing any data or customization but, it is much easier if done before making too many modifications to core .php files or templates.

[COLOR=DarkRed]If you have only been testing the Community version and haven’t yet added your own content or skin modifications then you should just delete that test store and install the pro version as it would be much faster and easier.[/COLOR]

This is for the upgrading from cscart_v2.1.4-community to cscart_v2.1.4-professional only but, the process would be similar for customized stores in future releases as long as both versions are the same.


Back up all files and your database before anything else!


You need to use a file compare utility to do this yourself unless CS-Cart already provides this to you when you upgrade (I don’t know)

Do a file comparison between the community and professional /install/database/scheme.sql and /install/database/data.sql files. This will allow you to create an SQL import file containing only the missing tables and data. Be sure to test your results on a test store database to be sure your queries are correct prior to attempting the final upgrade (if these queries are incorrect it will break your store!). Once that is tested and working correctly, save the text file so it can be imported to your functional database when ready to upgrade.

Sorry I can’t post these SQL differences without permission from CS-Cart because it is part of the licensed professional product.


This is simple if you have made no changes to any core .php files (proceed to the Skins info below).

If you HAVE made core php file modifications then you don’t want to overwrite them yet… BEFORE uploading, compare those modified files with the professional version files to see if there are other differences then correct the ‘PROFESSIONAL’ version files on your computer to also include your modifications. You can then proceed to the Skins info…

Skins (a little tricky if customized)

Not many commonly edited templates have been modified (in v2.1.4) so this won’t be very hard even if you have customized your template but will take some time.

If you haven’t modified any template files or are planning to change to another skin in the pro version then you can skip the next step (you are now ready to upgrade)

If you have a modified skin then, check the attached file to view all template changes and additions in this version (v2.1.4-Skin-Compare.zip). Please run your own comparison also in case I have made a mistake trying to make that file easy to read…

Don’t worry about the items in green because those are all new content and won’t interfere with anything when uploaded. The files in purple are modified files and must be uploaded for this upgrade (Green and purple listings are the only required uploads). Only you know what modifications you have made on your site so you will need to use your own judgment as to what to fix and finally, what to upload.

The files we are comparing with your current skin are located in cscart_v2.1.4-professional/var/skins_repository/base when you extract the archive on your computer.

HINT: If you have made too many skin changes to remember then, download the modified skin to your computer and compare that with the cscart_v2.1.4-professional/var/skins_repository/base using your comparison utility (I recommend doing this prior to every future major upgrade as well).

Upgrading procedure

There is no real need to close your store for this upgrade (v2.1.4) as long as you are sure your SQL queries and any file edits made above are correct but, this is recommended.

  1. Backup your database ‘again’ to capture any recent activity (You did already backup everything else right???).

  2. Import the ‘tested’ SQL upgrade file you made above using PHPmyAdmin (if you receive an error, restore your database and fix your SQL queries then try again till it is correct).

  3. Delete config.local.php, and the main .htaccess file from the ‘Professional’ version before uploading.

  4. Upload the complete professional version (including your custom php changes above if any) overwriting all existing community version files (this will not harm your template). Not all files are required but this is just easier to do (see tip below).

    4- Skins Option 1) If you have made no template changes or are planning to use another skin from the Professional release you can upload the entire cscart_v2.1.4-professional/var/skins_repository/base directory from your computer to skins/basic or skins/yourcustomskin on the server overwriting all existing files…

    4-Skins Option 2) Upload only the new and modified template files after applying your customized changes to the professional version files where needed.

    HINT: It’s easier to just delete any files from the professional version that you don’t want instead of trying to select only the ones you do want to send (be careful to be accurate)…

  5. Clear your cache (run yourdomain.com from your browser or, delete the /var/cache and /var/compiled directories on your server)

  6. Test your store to see if working correctly (it should be)

    If the store is broken and the problem is not obvious then restore all files and the database from your backups and get some experienced help. There are quite a few members here (including myself) who offer upgrade services at a fair cost.

    Uploading tip

    To speed up the file uploading process, you can delete the following directories from the Professional release before you upload because they are not needed for this upgrade (v2.1.4 Only).







    Also remove any skins you do not want in /var/skins_repository (will save MUCH time and better secure your site)

    Good luck


Thanks for this guide.

Im surprised, there is no guide in knowledge base.

Im too scared to upgrade now, when i have products, orders and alot of content on free version.

There is no guide included in the pro version?

Also do cs-cart offer money back guarantee for the pro version?

The sad part is, it is more difficult to upgrade from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4 on the community version too. We ended up redoing several of our community versions so we could start with 2.1.4 which is easier to upgrade to new (2.1.?) community versions in the future.

I’m really not for sure on the upgrade to pro from community. It does sound like Scott has outlined it quite well.

[quote name=‘S-Combs’]

Uploading tip

To speed up the file uploading process, you can delete the following directories from the Professional release before you upload because they are not needed for this upgrade (v2.1.4 Only).







Also remove any skins you do not want in /var/skins_repository (will save MUCH time and better secure your site)

Good luck[/QUOTE]

what software did you use for the diff compare ?