Easy Print shipping Label?

Is there any easy way to print shipping label?

Just tired copy and plaste every order if you got orders over 100 per day.

yes… it should be simple to clone the bulk print invoice function to just use another template for labels…

I made a Click-Print-Tape Shipping Label mod, I would’nt say it was easy to do but I did it, it just prints a label on paper, I fold it over and tape it to the box, I Have no idea why people mess around with real time shipping. Heres my original link [url]http://vb.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=279[/url]

Hey Sno,

How do you configure your shipping? I currently use real-time, but am considering other alternatives. Thanks!

I too would like to know how you have yours setup. I don’t really understand how realtime has an affect on printing labels. You still have to apply postage to the package and unless you’re hand delivering 100 orders a day to the post office, you’re going to have to hand enter their address into a form to create that postage. Just curious how you do it. I really hate hand entering all this info.

sorry I missed this post. I keep things simple and thats by using a flat rate shipping system, first you’ve got to know how much exactly your products weight and set-up your shipping options based on the weight, where the package is being shipped is irrelevent to flat rate, it does’nt get any simpler. I created the buttons to print the shipping and packing slips, tape’em on the box and stuff the packing slip in, it has enabled us to create great looking, full color packing slips that you can even print related, suggested and on-sale product images with sku’s so they can come back online and search, you can print discount coupon codes so it’s great. I’m currently working on v2.0 of all my little mods but most likely will have them coded for CS v1.3.4 as our focus is elsewhere currently, I’ve noticed alot of people complaining and fussing over shipping even though I’ve found it’s really not that difficult to carry your packages over to the post office, besides they do all the work for you, it’s what your paying them to do anyways.