Easy and simple email registration


How would I go about creating a very simple customer registration where one can just enter his or her email address and then the system would set this as the new username, add a generic password, which only had to be changed by the user when she/he wants to login next time to add more info into the name/address/etc fields?

Many thanks in advance!

… anyone?

Make all your profile fields “not required”. But they will still see them.

Note that the profile info is shared with billing info and shipping info so you don’t want to delete address fields, etc.

I thought about this, but still, I’d rather have just a simple field into which someone could just enter their email and click on a button / enter, and thats it. Later, I can have an automated email sent to them with a confirmation and link to “update your profile”. Obviously, should someone want to buy stuff, they need to fill in the other information at some point anyway.

Do you know how to do this ?