Easily Display Images And Text Side By Side In Tabs


Does anyone know an easier way of moving text and images around in the content portion of tabs?

At this point, the only way that I have been able to do it is to embed the images, then use the options in the top portion of the text editor to move them around, then do the same with the text until I find the right positioning. As such, the text editor has ended up looking something like this.


I know that I could use some html to probably make it easier, but I'm not the most proficient and wouldn't really know what to search for to find code that I could emulate.

Below is effectively what I'm looking to have as the finished product


Any info would be great!



your first 2 images dont seem to be loading, but Ive just bought a victron MPPT and a dc 2 dc 12/12/30 too, what a coincidence

these may help you