Easier to view product combination inventory

The product combination inventory should be more like the product options variants page.

The images should be hidden to allow for easy reading of what’s there. The product code and quantity should be on one line. It should be called “amount” not quantity because that’s what it’s called everywhere else. (though I should say amount is way to ambiguous as to quantity or money and was a poor choice)

The options should be listed after eachother and could wrap around to the next line if needed.

I already did this for myself, I just think it would make the cart better for everyone else too.

You can vote for this suggestion in the Ideas forum:


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I would love this feature as well.

Can you post the work around to make this possible?

I am also having issues with the order the combinations are being displayed in.

They are like this:

black - small

black - xlarge

brown - medium

black - medium.


There is no rhyme or reason to the order. I created them in order so that they would match my inventory page - but the cart mixes them all up.

HELP! please and thank you :slight_smile: