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I would like to know if anyone can help me with this. When a customer registers, they receive an e-mail confirmation that says they are registers. It includes username, member, active status, billing and shipping, etc. I want to have the password stated in the e-mail too right under username. How can I do it? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I would also like to know how to add the first name of the customer in the “languages” section. For example, the confirmation e-mail goes to the customer and it just says “Dear ,”. How can it say “Dear John,”. What coding to I need to put in that specific section of the language section for “dear …”? I hope I explained it correctly.

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Karo’s Shoes, Inc.


CS-Cart version 1.3.3

I believe that if you edit the e-mail templates, you can add the following code to show the users name:

First Name: {$user_data.firstname}

Last Name: {$user_data.lastname}

However if I’m not mistaken, I thought out of the box it showed their name in the e-mails by default…


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your help about the name on the e-mail. It should automatically be there, but for some reason it is not.

What about the password part in the profile e-mail that is sent to the customer when registered? What can I put after the “login” sentence so it can show the password also?


sorry, wrong thread :D:D

I am also want to know the answer, anybody knows?