E-commerce dashboards

Hi folks,

Not sure how many of you have created your own dashboards for e-commerce tracking, but I thought I would demonstrate what we’re doing in this space. We use a very reasonably priced service by the name of cyfe.com . The functionality is limited but for the low price of $9/month I can’t complain whatsoever.

Note: revenue metrics have been hidden for obvious reasons.

Screenshots attached. Am curious to know what others are using in the CS-Cart community?

Can't you do it for free with google analytics?

This isn't exactly the same thing that we're talking about. We do use GA but we prefer GA for management reporting.

What we're trying to do is establish real-time dashboards in our corporate environment so that staff always know where we stand for the day, month, quarter, and so on. Yes GA does give you these numbers, but we want these numbers front-of-mind and real-time for all staff as we transact day-to-day business. Thus, Cyfe is a good companion for illustrating these charts on a real-time basis.

Our plan is to use cheap desktops and low-cost LCD monitors across the warehouse to show where we stand at all times. It is a motivator for staff to understand our targets and help work towards achieving them.

In any case, I was just wondering if anyone else in the community had a similar solution. I realize GA is a good companion for many. However, we're trying to go above and beyond.

Why not use GA Real-time?