E-Book Sales Via Glassboxx Adobe Drm Integration


We are a publisher interested in providing ebook sales via our cs-cart store. Yes, I realize that cs-cart includes downloadable file functionality, but we require some form of DRM for our books.

I have found what appears to be a good solution by a company that uses the Adobe DRM, but the description has left me with some questions as to whether or not we can integrate their service with our cs-cart. The info is here: https://firstygroup.com/glassboxx/

Specifically, I am curious about this bit:

  • Send us your digital assets, together with product details. (We host on a secure server.)
  • Add the new digital product data to your ONIX feed to populate your existing product pages, and embed the call to our Glassboxx API.

I'm not sure if this service even something doable within cs-cart. I have requested more info from the provider.

It would appear (to me) that your customers would be redirected to their site for checkout rather than them simply being a download service with a key given to them for each order that would give the customer access.

Not sure as a merchant this is what you're looking for.