Dynamic layout style based on catagory?

Hey guys,

I’m new to CS-cart and I’ve looked about with no success.

I want certain products to represent a different page theme based on the category name. For example, if I have a category called “Pink Lemonade” I want all products under that category to have a pink background.

What’s the best way to do this and thanks for the help?

Don’t know about “best”, but one way is to use what I will call “controller specific css files”.

Since you’re new to cs-cart, I can’t give you a full tutorial here. But you might want to look at a free addon I developed which is similar to the my_changes addon. It allows you to load “controller specific css files”. It would need to be extended to account for the value of the category and to utilize yet an additonal (or replacement) css file for that condition.

For what you want to do, the css files themselves would be very small so there should not be any noticable performance impact.

You can get the free addon here: [url]http://www.ez-ms.com/products/local-addon.html[/url]