Dynamic generated icons for products - Issue

Hi Guys,

I've added a new block in the left column of my product pages which will display certain logos depending on the product.

There are about 5 icons which can be shown and this depends on certain variables. Eg if the item has free/paid shipping, if its on sale, etc

The code works and it shows the correct images BUT I've noticed that once the block is loaded it does becomes static!

I tested this by forcing it to show the product code for the page that is currently loaded. Once I clicked the first product the product code did not change on the second product. This causes problems because it shows incorrect images.

Any ideas how I can force it to check the product code EACH time it loads?


Load http://www.avancer.com.au/cyclonic-bagless-vacuum-cleaner-1400w.html

Then load another product page and note how the code remains the same (at least it does for me!)